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the who, what, where, why & future

the who

i'll break it down for you...

Freckled. is the life long dream of a small freckled child that turned into the designer she always dreamt of being.

I'm Rachel Farrell and fast forward twenty years, I'm that small freckled child that is making her dreams come true. I graduated college in 2011 with

a degree in graphic design and entered the agency life right after college, as all good graduates are "supposed" to do. I started realizing that the reasons I went into design weren't really rooted in the profession. After two jobs at agencies working for some major clients, what any designer would've in essence considered a "dream job", I just wasn't happy. It was then I knew I had to follow my true passion, creativity and beauty for the everyday life, and that something turned out to be called Freckled. 

the what

Freckled. began as 'fun & fine paper goods', but as the success of my greeting card business grew, I realized I could easily branch out into other products. Freckled. is now 'fun gifts & fine paper' and there are some really big things planned for the future, but you'll have to see below for that.





Freckled. is currently based out of Montpelier, VT, although the true essence of what Freckled. is was born in Los Angeles, CA where I worked as a graphic designer for a couple years. After working for celebrities and other 'dream' clients, much to my surprise, I learned that wasn't what I wanted to do.

the where

After working incredibly hard in LA (two jobs for two years) I ran myself into the ground and in May 2014 I got meningitis. This completely threw my life off track, for awhile in the worst way possible, and then in the absolute best way. I was forced to take a really hard look at my life and what I wanted and from there, Freckled. was born. 





the why

& the future

There are some really exciting things happening in Freckled.'s future. This July I completed a Kickstarter that in the end, due to the generosity of so many, I got over $7,000 to professionally produce my greeting cards. Until now, I was producing them by hand, which was both incredibly time consuming and also a really good way to slowly lose your mind. I've been able to print most of my card designs in large quantities so that I can fill online orders as well as get them into more stores around the country. As far as the future goes, Freckled. plans to start producing a wide variety of products, including but not limited to : mugs, pillows, coasters, makeup bags, baby clothes, wall art and much more.

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