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My name is Rachel Farrell and design has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I have always wanted to start my own business making beautiful things for the everyday life and after a few years working as a graphic designer and one major life changing event, I decided to make that dream a reality.

After working as a graphic designer and waitress in Los Angeles for a few years, my overworked immune system decided it was done and succumb to meningitis and encephalitis. That's two brain infections at once (bad stuff) so I had to move back to Vermont to recover. Instead of feeling bad for myself (okay, maybe I did for a while) I decided to take it as an opportunity to follow my dreams. That dream happened to be named Freckled., because 'sometimes life gets freckled--it doesn't mean the outcome can't be beautiful'. And also I am a pretty serious ginger. I have SO many freckles.

{ for the fun version of this info, see my Kickstarter video at the bottom }

Freckled. is a life long dream


Freckled. was born from a really, super crappy situation


a little about freckled.


Freckled. is all about facilitating non-digital connections & making them a ton of fun

So much of our communication these days is done through digital means. Whether it's through the computers on our desks or the computers in our hands, this kind of communication makes it hard for organic connections to form. One of the last and treasured means of non-digital communication is sending a card. It says you've put thought into the person's interests, life, personality and shows you're really thinking of them. Unfortunately, a lot of cards just kinda suck. The point of Freckled. is to show love and make people laugh. There are few things more simple or important than that!


Mother Earth is our leading lady

It's not easy for an enviro-freak who has a deep concern for the future of our earth to have her passion be paper goods. It's been a tough thing to sort through, but after taking a hard look at my career and where I wanted it to go, I knew I had no choice but to follow my dream. SO if I just had to do it, I knew I was going to have to be responsible about it. Freckled. cards are printed on sustainably sourced, recycled paper with vegetable based inks. PLUS they are made in the U.S. with all American made machinery! We have to take care of our planet and Freckled. strives to leave a tip-toe footprint.


Freckled. would not be possible without the support of my friends, family & Kickstarter backers

Freckled. has been an idea and ultimate career goal for as long as I can remember. After getting so sick and deciding there was no point in waiting any longer to follow my dreams (basically saying DAMN THE MAN!) the support of my family and friends has been invaluable. Without them I probably wouldn't have the courage or opportunity to just go for it. I also owe a million freckles to my Kickstarter backers, a group of 95 amazing people that through their generous backing allowed me to raise enough money to start having my cards professionally printed. I am forever grateful for all of you.

check out my Kickstarter video to learn about Freckled. super quick!

{ video credit & a million thank yous to Steve Franklin, he is amazing! }

thank you to my amazing kickstarter backers!

Emily Schnure, Caroline Ann, Delia Farrell, Maia Lee, Lan Gee, Rick Schnure and Christina Hutton, Mary Barbagallo, Marty Schnure, Joanna Goldfarb, Martha Hutton and John Bullwinkle, Jen Elder, Bob and Sally Telzrow, Carolyn Cory Scoppettone, Alizabeth Erin, Norene Gachinard, Virginia & Wesley Simon, Joseph Spanjers, Alex Baker-Whitcomb, Chris and Patty Turley, Sam Rogers, Stephanie A. Chuah, Joan Farrell Reymond, Kevin Lam, Max Indelicato, Linda Baker, Sean Hutton, Tena Coley, Jennifer Haykin, Denise Creesy, Lilli and Brian Cain, Jess Webster, Mandy Imburgio, Simon Camp, Amber Leenstra Hobbs, Andrew Curtis Chin, Wade Melnick, Cooper Fellows, Kelly Johnson, Sara Hassard, Pattie Garrahy Robertson, Sarah Telzrow, Cary Friberg, Nick Walge, Stephanie Gurrieri, John Hutton, Glenn Stefani,Jim Covello, Diane Arthur, Luis Calderin, Eileen Sacco Kristen Sacco, Jeff Leyden, Kevin M. Koen, Joseph Payne, Krista M. Willmann, Carol Paquette, Diane Downey, Jessie Lund, Melanie Smith, Laura, Megan and Emily Welcome, Gary Miller, John and Carol Farrell, Mattie Evangeline, Alyssa Shaker, Melissa Jean Andersen,  Nicholas O'Rourke Hutton, Blythe Wisniewski, Andrew Shannon, Michel Reymond, Emily Jane and Jeff Butterfield, Patrick Donovan, Krysta Voskowsky, Chrystal Crane, Ross Donihue, Emma Dale, Scott Hallquist, Rob Simone, Chris Gaboriault, Sarah Johnson, Caitlin Miller, Eryn Brownlee, Jeremiah Telzrow, Libby Daghlian, Brad Fishkin, Jen Guimette, Caitie Banfield, Kyle Daily, Ashley Gagne, John Alexander, Doug and Kate Hutton, Casey Brust, James Bartlett Hutton and Daniel Erdman.

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